The Great Divide

The road I’ve traveled has had its fair share of roadkill, potholes, and angry drivers,

but it’s also been one hell of a ride.

Me putting the pedal to the metal,

with my hair in the wind and the birds as my guides.

But recently I have reached a fork in the road that travels in two different lanes,

“Should I choose the high, scary looking one I’ve never been on, or continue on this plateau with very few gains?”

I decide to floor it to the right,

into a world of higher feats and opportunity.

“Someone’s gotta take the chance on the unknown, to report back the most rewarding route to your destiny.”


Life’s Passion

What truly inspires me is the unveiling of someone’s soul,

laying their hearts bare,

to share their stories as they unfold.

The artists, chefs, teachers, etc. who live their lives with a daily passion,

injecting positivity into every thing they do,

in a colorful fashion.

Dancing to the funky rhythm only they could hear,

doing the waltz, pop lock, salsa, to an invisible song,

with an invisible audience that holds them dear.