Jamaican Vibes

Me can’t think of a betta day than today,

da sun lowerin’ like babies after a time of play.

Warm breezes caresses me wit a steady beat,

da sun’s kisses slowly pullin’ away in defeat.

Tomorrow’s just a stone’s throw away,

but ma heart still beats wit the rhythm of today.

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic


My Immortal


You reaching out for me is the balm needed for my soul.

Just like in a marriage, to have and to hold.

Finally, I have a being who loves me unconditionally,

without judging my failures, mistakes, and past defeats.

I promise to cherish every moment we have together,

creating memories and me being your guide and your shelter.

Our souls are forever connected through an unbreakable cord,

and every night while you sleep,

I look up and thank the Lord.

via Daily Prompt: Baby